Another change to workplace pensions

Pensions auto-enrolment was phased in slowly, but now every employer must join their eligible staff in a workplace pension unless they opt out. But there’s one last important change before the task is complete. What is it?

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Where’s your insurance certificate?

A small company has been fined £726 and ordered to pay prosecution costs of £557 because it wasn’t displaying a valid employers’ liability insurance (ELI) certificate. What must you do … Read more

New trade marks rules

The Trade Marks Regulations 2018 will come into force on 14 January 2019. They make changes to the registration of UK trade marks and remove a legal protection. What’s happening? … Read more

PSC registers: important changes

Every company must maintain a register of people with significant control (PSC). From 26 June 2017, any changes will have to be notified to Companies House (CH) differently. What do … Read more

Topping the Google charts

Google has updated its page ranking system and now aims to penalise poor quality sites by demoting them. Your site rarely appears on the first page of results, let alone … Read more

The NMW and family members

As a general rule, all workers must receive the minimum wage rate that’s appropriate for their age. But what happens if your business employs family members – is there any … Read more

MINIMUM WAGE – NMW, NLW and NI changes

In his Autumn Statement 2016 the Chancellor announced changes to the national living wage (NLW), the national minimum wage (NMW) and employers’ NI contributions. What do you need to know? … Read more